Shadows Bar

I think it might be good to go. Whole server host died permanently. Migration required upgrades and code changes.

Located 20 minutes outside the Necropolis, MO, city limits. Situated on the shores of Lake Smithville, Shadows Bar has gotten quite the reputation and the locals have dubbed it as a place that "caters to the strange and unusual." All denizens of the World of Darkness are welcome here.

There are 0 people here The most recent statement was made about 92 hours ago.

!: I think he's only available if you send him bribes.

: 22 years and Janus is still around. Wild.

: Got some scenes with you Janus there.

Chaz: lol a bunch of us are, just not enough time to rp too much *cry*

Chaz: lol a bunch of us are, just not enough time to rp too much *cry*

Chaz: or like the above, too many different links and sites so everyone's scattered *kicks use of back button* rawr

~4313~: Another link for the social medias:

Chaz: Retry that link - it literally went to a Colombian refugee site - this ones a FB un-mod group, there's a couple of old old players on there *S*

: Just search for "Refugees of Necropolis" on FB

Chaz: *S* had/found it. similar people between both the WW groups. Just funny where the original link ya posted took me to

C: ps: ty for that obsidian link, really amazing old archives! & lol forgot to say 4313: holy crap, didn't think you'd still be around!

~4313~: You can thank someone else for 90% of those chat logs. In just contributed 10%, built an auto format program for the text and posted them.

~4313~: As far as not here, nah I left the game in early 2003. But I lurk back in these echo rooms to find stragglers.

Nika OOC: That Necropolis link is fantastic. I can't wait to read through a lot of this. Nika as a waitress. I feel like I found old embarrassing pictures of my character as an awkward teen.

Nika OOC: I actually have stacks of old RP I printed out from back during those days, also. Most of them are short/incomplete snippets through because I would randomly print page back when I RP'd, and kept all of that. But I also have a lot of complete RP logs, if there is a want to add them to that site somehow.

Nika OOC: Actually, I have a really funny Rp of Patzy and Maxwell harassing Nika

Nika OOC: Chaz, if you ever make it back here to see this- here you go. Patzy and Max, 2005ish

~4313~: Hi Nika. Sure, if you are okay with posting them.

Nika OOC: How would I go about that? I made an account. (Nika_Davies.) I tried clicking on +New and selected adventure log post, but it said I am not authorized to view that page.

~4313~: message me on there and I'll get you set up so you can just send me the files directly. I'll have to run them through the auto formatter.

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Shadows Bar Deck (0)
From here patrons can overlook the lake and take in cool breeze under the moonlight.
Sewer System (0)
This dark damp sewer is home to the cities rodent population, and those who wish to travel unseen. There are many collapsed sections and the unwary are easily lost. The occasional bloated corpse has been found half devoured by rats and many unwanted items are dumped here.
The Streets of Necropolis (0)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.

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