Fallen Angels Second Floor

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The second floor is divided into two sections... one section has all the latest in arcade and electronic tabletop games. The other side of the floor has several pool tables, lined up so as to not deter players from taking their shots;Êas well as several poker tables off to one corner. The room is divided by several archways but no doors. Bar staff are on hand to ferry drink orders back and forth from the main floor to the second floor.

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The Fallen Angels Club (0)
When the Kindred enters the bar, the first thing that strikes them is the enormity of the main room; as well as the dark and mysterious atmosphere due primarily to the dimness of the lighting. Out of all the booths situated around the club, only one has a small candle on the table. It is located off to one side and more or less apart from the other... secluded; although from that vantage point, the entire room can be viewed. This is the booth that the owner occupies and is reserved for her and those who join her. (This Room is for Camarilla Kindred Only)
Elder's Salon (0)
The Salon is furnished in a manner harking back to the Gilded Age of the 1880s. In one corner rests a grand piano, often used by the regulars to while away the long night hours. Oak paneling trimmed in gold accents the burgundy dŽcor. Overstuffed, luxurious chairs are strategically placed throughout the room for the Elders of the Camarilla to rest and contemplate current intrigues and plots that may yet blossom to fruition after years of planning.

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