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When the Kindred enters the bar, the first thing that strikes them is the enormity of the main room; as well as the dark and mysterious atmosphere due primarily to the dimness of the lighting. Out of all the booths situated around the club, only one has a small candle on the table. It is located off to one side and more or less apart from the other... secluded; although from that vantage point, the entire room can be viewed. This is the booth that the owner occupies and is reserved for her and those who join her. (This Room is for Camarilla Kindred Only)

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~4313~: Even 20 years later, the drama is inescapable

Tempestra the Tzimisce Whore: ...

~: Ooc: LMFAO 4313

Quix ~(Once, Twice, Three Times a Maybe)~: *a young girl painted red and donned in well-worn black leather slams through the doors of the bar with arms spread wide and her head back, with a roar she bellows* LUUUUCY! I'M HOOOOOME!! *her head drops and a gleam shines through her eyes as she takes on a mannerism akin to an idol of hers, Mister Jack Torrance* Heh. *she wipes her sleeve over her mouth, panting now* Wait 'till they get a load of me ..

Quix ~(Once, Twice, Three Times a Maybe)~: *she snaps her head in the direction of the bar proper* WOOP! *pushing off, her leap towards an upper bar shelf would be impressive, if any one was around to be impressed, but they're not, and so maybe it is not, but she will worry about all that later, for now .. she has more important business, she grasps on to the bar shelf and perches like a gargoyle*

Quix ~(Once, Twice, Three Times a Maybe)~: *she clears her throat, a moth flies from its cage, what was that doing in there .. she wonders, NOW, she looks towards the door* What art thou that usurp’st this time of night together with that fair and warlike form in which the majesty of buried Denmark did sometimes march? By Heaven, I charge thee speak.

Quix ~(Once, Twice, Three Times a Maybe)~: *it cocks an eyebrow .. and sighs, deeply*

Quix ~(Once, Twice, Three Times a Maybe)~: *she wonders on this, and that, and remembers .. the other eyebrow raises, then both fall .. stoned face she stares towards the bar door*

Aisha Inaros: *Sighing, she sweeps her eyes across the dim-lit establishment, wondering with a pensive expression what sort of stories transpired here in the days of yesteryear.*

~4313~: Yo, just poppin' in like usual to see if there are any stragglers some 17 years later. Got saved scenes for those who are interested.

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The Streets of Necropolis (0)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.
Fallen Angels Second Floor (0)
The second floor is divided into two sections... one section has all the latest in arcade and electronic tabletop games. The other side of the floor has several pool tables, lined up so as to not deter players from taking their shots;Êas well as several poker tables off to one corner. The room is divided by several archways but no doors. Bar staff are on hand to ferry drink orders back and forth from the main floor to the second floor.
The Fallen Angel's Back Offices (0)
These rooms are where the business of the Kindred can be handled out side of the prying eyes of the general clientle of the Fallen Angels. Keys are handed out to anyone who requests on efrom the bartender.

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