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This proud Victorian-style manor stands in the city's residential area. No one knows it's exact location as the manor seems to find those it deems worthy of entry rather than the other way around. Past the wrought metal gates a stone path threads its way up to the wooden porch and the house's main door. A sign reads "Infinity Club: Members Only". On the gate itself, a "Wet Paint" sign "coincidentally" turns aside those with only casual interest in the structure. Stepping inside brings one into the mansion's entry hall, which has been converted into a small club. A scattering of tables, chairs and couches offer places to relax and talk, while a well-stocked bar, a jukebox and a dartboard offer other distractions. Beyond them all a number of warded doorways and staircases lead deeper into the manor proper. (Tradition Magi and Allies only)

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Luke (Custos): *He drops his gaze as Jarrod passes. Did he miss Jarrod saying he didn't want spice? He must have. Once the Mage has passed, he lifts eyes, giving Nick a small, sad smile, then padding off towards the guest wing*

Nick Farrell -Master of the Hearth and Home-: *His eyes flick to Jarrod.* Not even gonna try it?

Luke (Custos): *No soup for Luke; either he wasn't hungry, or chicken broth counts as non-vegetarian*

Luke (Custos): *He disappears into the guest wing*

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): *he exits the kitchen blowing on the spoon* Yes... now that I've diluted it a bit. I should have gone back in there after asking about the spices. I was asking on your behalf, not telling him to dump it all in. I should have finished the stew. I started it. I was just asking for help so I didn't burn the kitchen down. Oh well. *he looks around and not seeing Luke sighs again* He's gone and left his... He wouldn't get his feelings hurt so much if he just paid attention a bit more. he's always in such a rush falling all over himself to try and please others. Trips himself up like one of those cartoon characters. I really can't tell if it's on purpose or not sometimes.

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): *scratches at his back again, over one shoulder* Deathdamnit... Damned itchy...

Nick Farrell -Master of the Hearth and Home-: He's young, Jarrod, *he chides almost gently.* He'll learn.

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): He keeps insisting he's not. He can't fuck up like a youngster and then expect to be treated like an adult. I'd forgive him more if he'd just own up to being young and not thinking. But instead he insists he's not a kid and gets mad to be treated like the inexperienced teenager he is. He can't get the praise for being an adult and the pass on the fuckups like a kid. Then turn around and tell me I don't know what I'm talking about because I'm nineteen in reality or some shit. *he shakes his head* I don't care anymore. It's not worth it to get frustrated about. He's doing his own thing. I hope he figures out what makes him happy.

Nick Farrell -Master of the Hearth and Home-: Outside of Kevin, what makes YOU happy though? Can't... really fix his life if yours isn't complete either. *HE shrugs.* It's why I'm not giving him advice. Soup's perfect.

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): I'm a Mentor. A Rimpoche, an Acarya. I'm satisfied if I can teach young magi how not to ruin their lives with the power they learn in becoming a Mage. I think I'd be happy again... to be a father to my little girl.And prove I didn't fuck it up the way my father did. *he blows on his soup and finally has some bites. He's hungry and since it's not a spicy as Nick's, he can finish it off pretty quickly. It's filling at least.*

Nick Farrell -Master of the Hearth and Home-: I don't know your father. I know we all fuck different things up, though. *He nods.* How could I help with that bit?

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): Just do your Rep thing. I'll do mine. We'll do what we can to keep the Chantry going. Maybe the ones we care about will come back to us. Or more people will come into our lives that need us. Until then.... *he shrugs* What else is there?

Nick Farrell -Master of the Hearth and Home-: We need another cultist to run shit, man. I can't do this. I'm NOT those... happy perky shiny ones. *He shrugs one shoulder.*

Luke (Custos): *He comes back out in flannel pajama bottoms, shirtless, doing his best to stay unnoticed as he heads back for the kitchen. The beads have been removed from his dreadlocks*

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): You think a perky happy shiny person would get shit done? It's not a happy perky shiny job to be Rep. besides, it's not like there's anyone you have to teach or organize. Actually... we both have it easy right now. No other members of our Trad really here. ell you want... same as with Kyle... an older more experienced and Stable Cultist turns up, you can pass the hat off the them. Provided they aren't an oversexed douche bag and can handle responsibility. Riley turned up and as soon as people recognized him, seemed glad to see him and said he was an Adept... off he shot, hi and farewell to the rep seat. Not that Riley is around much these days, but Kyle doesn't seem to need a rep, so... *he shrugs again*

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): (ell you want = Tell you what)

Luke (Custos): *He'll be getting the remainder of his banana, and shutting the heat off that is keeping the last serving of soup warm. And taking it to the garden, into the tree to relax and watch the stars*

Nick Farrell -Master of the Hearth and Home-: *He rolls his shoulders.* Well. I'ma go meditate for a few hours.

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): *he nods and rolls his own* I'm... going to try and stop being itchy. Rest well Nick. *he stands and takes his bowl with him as he heads for the stairs*

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): (((GONE WITH THE SIN)))

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Infinity Offices (0)
Here with ornate chairs set around a large circular wooden table, the Mages of the Infinity Chantry discuss the affairs of Magic.
The Streets of Necropolis (0)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.

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