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A place to meet for Out Of Character(OOC) conversations.

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The Emissary of the Twin Arts: (This was before things like Skype and Zoom existed, so people typing messages in chat.)

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: The thing that bothered me the most was people randomly wandering away from their computers, so we'd all be waiting for a response from someone who wasn't there.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: It's something I hate in table games too. People just checking out when the story isn't focused on them. You should pay attention when the other people in your group have screen time.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: I swear, if it ever get to the point where I have to give out experience based on whether or not you can answer trivia questions about what your party members did last session, I'm just done.

: Thats just a sad fact of RP and after 20+ years of storytelling, I have a feeling it will never change. Every group I have ever been in, be it online or table top, will always have at least one player who doesn't care. They will say they care, but they repeatedly just show signs they don't. I've had people literately walk away in scenes and come back an hour later and go "Oh I was playing something else on the Xbox/PS/whatever" in the middle of combat of all things. I've had people just bail on really invested scenes for them to just vanish and come back after doing raids in MMOs and act like it's no big deal. In table top back in the day we had someone who always left 2-3 times to get food or snacks despite generally whoever was hosting had that covered and generally we ordered pizza. This guy would leave 2-3 times in a usually 6 hour period and make people wait sometimes upwards to half an hour for him to come back. I think it's just a curse for groups that there will always be at least one guy/gal who says they want to be there, but they don't honestly seem all that invested in roleplaying. Sometimes it's more than one person and sometimes it can be an entire group

: Whats funny is it always seems once a problem player leaves though someone else starts doing the same thing out or the blue. I miss when players actually were invested in roleplaying honestly. When people were attentive, showed they wanted to be there and seemed to enjoy themselves. Sometimes as a storyteller I actually feel as if I no longer entertain people with some vibes I get. Like it's more a chore for them to play then they actually enjoy it. But every time I bring it up, people will say that wasn't the case but continue to do the same things that indicate lack of interest. So I think in this day and age, gaming is just different than how it used to be

: *Paints my last post*

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: "Whats funny is it always seems once a problem player leaves though someone else starts doing the same thing out or the blue." Wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that. I have a whole entry on my website devoted to that. I call it the "Law of Conservation of Stupidity".

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: But I've also noticed a trend of people acting like they're not entertained or invested in the story at all. I wonder if it has something to do with the rise of Michael Bay movies where if people don't have a twist a minute to grab their attention, they just go blank.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: I keep getting into reddit fights with people saying the same dumbass thing. "Oh, anyone can be a GM." No, no they can't.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Case in point. I've been talking to a local on discord who wants to run a group. Only person in a year I've seen run a non D&D group. It's been two months, I'm the only player who's even said anything in the group, and he still hasn't decided what game to run.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: He keeps whining about "building a player consensus" and "finding out what the group wants". That's the part that baffles me the most. If you don't have a story trying to burn its way out of your mind, if you don't have that desire to get it out into the world and share it with other people, what the hell are you even doing?

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Step aside and make room for someone capable, please.

: I can throw in all sorts of twists and leads for people to follow, but there is still that weird uninterested vibe I get pretty constantly. I've tried all manner of plotlines too. Politics, heavy combat, heavy mystery and intrigue. Even gone off the beaten path and made stuff up to give something new to put on the table in case folks were jaded because they've "done it all" in one game or another. But there is this sense of sometimes, it's an uphill battle. I can sit for hours to draw up plotlines but usually besides one or two people, it literately feels like I waste my time more often than not. It's bizarre and the thing I hate the most about it is the whole "I want to play" when I ask them if they are even interested but when it comes down to it, that seems to be the least likely thing they want to do. I also hate when interested players proceed ahead while uninterested players are doing whatever then the uninterested player(s) voice several scenes later how they "feel unwanted" or "I don't think I fit in any more" etc. No matter how much you try to include them or get them to at least put forth some effort in showing they even care.

: Weirdly that's only been happening the past several years after 20+ years. I thought for awhile I had just lost my touch until more DMs and storytellers began having the same complaints. Local gaming store's Pathfinder group died out because the DM got fed up with people just uninterested. Seen a few online games dry up and the STs voice the same thing. So I eventually just drew a conclusion that it's either some wonky curse or people just aren't as invested as they used to be in RP games

: But yeah, I've found doing a consensus for players on which game and then building off that gets you no where. I've tried that before and it always ends in frustration because it just divides the players expectations and if I have a story in my head, sometimes I cannot make it fit. I've found just laying it on the table "I am running this" and moving from there works better. Less stressful how to fit it into the core theme of a game for me and less of a reason for complaint from players. Otherwise it never gets past the voting process or someone complains because they wanted to only play X game and Y got voted, so they sit it out etc.

: On an unrelated note I think something may be wrong with the site. I'm noticing rooms with activity seem to have their counters scaling up at times, even if someone is just lurking. There was 21 people in Firnost a moment ago but no one even IC. The counter in here keeps going up every couple of moments. Interesting

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Wow, I feel all of that so hard. No matter how much I try to put in to a storyline that's personal to a particular character, the player never seems to care. And people never prioritize their gaming time. It's always the last thing on their list. If they open their front door and there's a tiny breeze, it's enough to get them to completely flake.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: My webmistress informed me that I'm now up to 12 separate games on the "Future Games" section of my site. Meaning I've written 12 separate stories for 12 separate settings that I'll probably never get to play.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: And yeah, I don't know what's up with the site. I think they implemented some kind of cookies, because it's saved my nickname every time I open the site. I think it just doesn't clear the counters properly anymore either.

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A place to meet for Out Of Character(OOC) conversations.
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