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A place to meet for Out Of Character(OOC) conversations.

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Shylo: Emissary, Yes it is the podcast

Zylo: Even I have a hard time believing it sometimes.We've been going about three months, But we have our website, and we recently opened our discord, it reminds us of here. It's not here, it's a new home... but there's room and I would be honored.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: When the chats first came back up, I started a Facebook group so people could try to reconnect with folks. You could take a look there if you wanted. It's called The Meeting Place Denizens.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: *checking out the podcast* Man, where were you people when I was in that =awful= Werewolf game a few years back?

Zylo: I can't find the group. one would think it would be a simple search... As far as that game,well, sorry I was late. It took some convincing to get me back in action. But we're building something, it's good.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Hm. Odd. Well, you *can* post links, as long as you strip out the first bit. There's a banhammer now that'll hit you if you post when the screen's red.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: The Meeting Place Denizens:

Zylo: Well that worked,I suppose we'll wait and see now. Thank you.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Hooray! More people! *sings to the Pokemon theme* I'm on a quest, that never ends/a brave and noble goal/to reunite with all my friends/now that we're all gross and old!

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: *still checking out the podcast* Man, I need to get a W:tA guru to read the writeup I did for a future Werewolf game I want to run. I only ever got to play 2 sessions of Werewolf in that horrid game that imploded. *snorts* Sewer-dwelling vamps all packing silver bullet SMGs my ass.

Zylo: Well, put them on our forums, I'll look at your stuff, I do that for a few of the regulars in discord.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: I think you already did, actually.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: 1,010 hours. 42 days...

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: *looks around at the empty room*

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Hm.

Aisha Inaros: Well, as a newcomer 'round these parts, seeing this time-capsule is bittersweet in its own way. Wish I coulda seen it at its height, but seeing people post here to this day, even infrequently, is admirable. In the off-shoot event that someone sees this weeks/months/years(!) from now, feel free to add me on Discord. Mathus#4296

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: *old man voice* It's all Discord now. Back in the day we had to juggle ICQ, AIM, YIM, and MSN. The cool kids had Trillian, which managed all four plus IRC.

: And the downside of Discord is it makes it hard to find games unless they are posted all over the place and one happens across them. I miss the days of the old messengers. They were easier to manage and less 'fancy' I guess is the best way to put it

: The passing of old messengers was a real shame.

Zylo: The messengers were just tools, ones that aren't that different at that, even if they seem intimidating. Really though, it's about the people.

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A place to meet for Out Of Character(OOC) conversations.
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