Chopper's Junkyard

I think it might be good to go. Whole server host died permanently. Migration required upgrades and code changes.

This everchanging maze of wrecked or discarded vehicles lies in the suburbs of Necropolis, KS. Neighbors of the junkyard report that attacks by feral dogs are common. They also claim that inbred families live in abandoned vans on the grounds and pirate the forsaken junk for materials ranging from computer chips to tire irons. A ten foot tall chain link fence topped with rusty barbwire keeps all but the most determined curious kids from suffering mishaps. (Controlled by urban Garou.)

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Aleksei Dimitrov: Love what you've done with the place.'s alot quieter than I remember.

Aleksei Dimitrov: *Somberly walks through the chaotic, yet pleasantly familiar twists an turns of the junkyard. Pausing every now and again to look at seemingly random bits of detritus here and there with a small, almost imperceptible smile*

Aleksei Dimitrov: *Arriving at the center, looks at around at the current state of things and just shakes his head with a grin* Never could keep things in order. *Moves over towards a fallen steel drum, setting it back up in its proper place* And who let the fire go out? *continues to move about, setting up old and rusted chairs, torn out car seats and other various objects until after some time, it begins to slowly resemble gathering area*

Aleksei Dimitrov: *Heads over to one of the ramshackle outbuildings, prying open the rusty door and peering inside* Some things never change. *walks inside and comes out with a bundle of wooden scraps, a carboard box and a bottle of lighter fluid. Moves over to the barrel, and drops the box inside with a thud* Oh...wait... He'd kill me if destroyed this one. *Reaches into the barrel and box, pulling out a magazine and rolling it up, before placing into it coat* Always was his favorite. *Unscrews the topnof the lighter fluid and pours it all into barrel, before just dropping the bottle and placing some of the wood scraps on top*

Aleksei Dimitrov: If you light it.....they will come... *chuckles to himself as he pulls out a pack of smokes and book of matches. Lights up his smoke, before using the match the set thebrest of the book ablaze and dropping into barrel* And you fuckers better come. It's been too long. *As the fire in the barrel builds, the soft glow illuminating the scars on his face, he smiles and plops down in of the car seats*

Aleksei Dimitrov: Home

: So we starting a JY game again or what?!

: OOC: It would be cool to get the JY back up and running again!

: There is now a discord at for these chats, join up and chat with other players, reconnect with old Necro vets and reminisce, arrange times for scenes and more!

Valerie Karydikrotos : >.>

Lifts~Leg~To~Wyrm: *Wanders in, head hung low, ears sagging* ((Lupus)) So, this is what the Apocalypse looks like.

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A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.

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