The Infinity Chantry

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This proud Victorian-style manor stands in the city's residential area. No one knows it's exact location as the manor seems to find those it deems worthy of entry rather than the other way around. Past the wrought metal gates a stone path threads its way up to the wooden porch and the house's main door. A sign reads "Infinity Club: Members Only". On the gate itself, a "Wet Paint" sign "coincidentally" turns aside those with only casual interest in the structure. Stepping inside brings one into the mansion's entry hall, which has been converted into a small club. A scattering of tables, chairs and couches offer places to relax and talk, while a well-stocked bar, a jukebox and a dartboard offer other distractions. Beyond them all a number of warded doorways and staircases lead deeper into the manor proper. (Tradition Magi and Allies only)

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theJaer OOC: Damn clones again *Sigh* Sorry everyone... please ignore him

Kyle Chandler, Son of Ether: With a messenger bag over his shoulder, and wireless headphones in his ears, he walks into the Chantry with the barest of pep in his step. He looks tired, but the raccoon circles under his eyes might as well have been tattoed on.

Kyle Chandler, Son of Ether: Maybe it was to clear out the room, and just maybe it was because he just wanted to come back, who can say? Either way, he was walking slowly towards the kitchen, dragging his feet.

: LOL nice a Son of Ehter love Sons of Ether best Tradition ever :-D :-D

: I love my dead gay chat

: I love my dead gay chat

Jarrod of Usher: Hi everybody my name is Jarrod. I am the head of the Euthanatos. I pretty much run this place. If you don't like what I say, tough shit, this is my Chantry, go find your own if you want to do things your own way. Yeah, I'm a pretty big deal around here so you best respect me or get the fuck out. I have been here for a long time so I know stuff about the Infinity Chantry nobody else knows.

: If that was theJaer & not some poser posting as about 221hrs/9 days ago, then it seems his ego has gotten as bad as Hugh's ever was - from one that has had the (dis)pleasure of dealing with them both.

: Other points of interest, if anyone want setting information, is were you still can get it independently. I've contacted the 'Web-monkey' of & they're still willing to work with anyone to maintain the setting for here - as the site is no longer available for some reason.

: Sorry you had such a bad experience RPing with me and my ego, orange-lurk

theJaer: Zuh? I wonder if these lurkers and clone is Hugh, Tear or Ray. You'd think they'd copy my name proper and color preference. Have fun being salty. Ivm too busy with life for your drama. Least let other people RP here. I'm not scening here so least you can do to be good gamers is to stop bitching about other people you don't like and just game. Cool? Peace out. ~the REAL theJaer.

theJaer: I'm still mad about people I gamed with twenty years ago, for the record

theJaer: But nonetheless, I feel entitled to tell others to get over it. That's just the kind of guy I am!

theJaer OOC: I forgot to put OOC up there on my tag cuz I was using my phone and so did the person who posted the next 2 posts. XD Wow... Welp, cest le vie. Have fun. Was dropping by to check on a friend In another room. I had some good memories here, but thats all they are now. May the lurkers and people trying to impersonate me as bitter find better hobbies and gaming with chances for personal growth beyond me to the point they forget my existence to be happier people. You know, you could be creating a game here instead of doing whatever this is with the imitation posts and tags. Be well anyone reading this. I might be through again checking the rooms. My scene isn't related to this room at all. Stay safe peeps, even you lurkers. I for one am ready to live in less interesting times.

: "I might be through again checking the rooms" - sure hope so! Please keep us posted on your plans Jaer!

: Wow this place is pretty dead huh

Besus Fufoon: *Emters*

Besus Fufoon: *Enters*

: I'd much rather play with theJaer than whoever that whinging a-hole is who's being snarky.

: At least he PLAYS instead of throws infantile tantrums.

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Infinity Offices (0)
Here with ornate chairs set around a large circular wooden table, the Mages of the Infinity Chantry discuss the affairs of Magic.
The Streets of Necropolis (0)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.

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