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You did it! Yes, we have reached the payment threashold for the annual domain name fee. As always, thank you to those of you who donated. I never think to have you put on your character names on the donation form somewhere so I could list you here, but you know who you are. Anyhow, thanks again! And Happy Palla Grande... er... I mean, Halloween!

A place to meet for Out Of Character(OOC) conversations.

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: :

: ~kicks around character concepts~

: A psychologist with a specialty in anger management gets embraced by the Brujah!

Test: test

: Another concept, a Gecko Pooka who claims to be a cursed dragon

: test

: So alone out here

: You are not alone! You are LOVED, LOOOOOOVED! Okay, maybe we aren't loved, bu we're tolerated. Yay!

: :

: *Begins to read* "My little Pony, and the Power of Sexxy time Fan fic"

: *is killed , sparing many*

: Posting testing checking it wrecking it gonna be glen becking it ? Nah, that ain't me brah

: --

: Vampires suck I mean, yeah, that's what they do.

: ------------ Meanwhile, at the Batcave

: ((((((((_____)))))))))

: ;)

: I CLAIM THIS PLACE because it doesn't have 32 people!

: (Copied from Firnost) The notice reads: To all Firnostians, residents or travellers through the famed Mews, an invitation. We are soon approaching the festival of Samahain, time of great celebration as well as remembrance. It is with this in mind that as we advance upon the first Samhain since the tragic devastation of Caer Aztlan, the newly founded Cairn Dragan of Prospect Hills will extend its hospitality to those who wish to join us in our remembrances of the good Fae who were lost. Our hospitalities shall not linger in the melancholy in their entirety, however, as Samhain is also a celebration of moving forwards. To that end the grounds will pay host to a grand Goblin Market where all manner of merriments are to be found and every indulgence shall be catered for. We welcome all browsers, buyers and sellers to our grand bizarre of the bizarre! To all a good Samhain and a good Samhain to all. Yours, Baron Captain Kethel Nathair, Guardian of the Gates of House Balor.

: ~_~.oO: (Might have been useful if I left one of those! I can be contacted, for those interested, at islore(at)hotmail(dot)com )

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The Meeting Place (0)
A place to meet for Out Of Character(OOC) conversations.
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