Chopper's Junkyard

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This everchanging maze of wrecked or discarded vehicles lies in the suburbs of Necropolis, KS. Neighbors of the junkyard report that attacks by feral dogs are common. They also claim that inbred families live in abandoned vans on the grounds and pirate the forsaken junk for materials ranging from computer chips to tire irons. A ten foot tall chain link fence topped with rusty barbwire keeps all but the most determined curious kids from suffering mishaps. (Controlled by urban Garou.)

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Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): *Most of it, of course, goes into his own belly. It is a tasty blend, he admits. Not bland at all but darned if he could name the type off the top of his head*

Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): *Chopper's Junkyard, a loose and rusty sign says. And not for the first time, he wonders just who Chopper is, or was? A Bonegnawer of long ago? Perhaps a nick name for a protective spirit? It was definitely before his time*

Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): "Hope you went down fighting if down you went, Chopper. Assuming you're a true person, or were." *Another munch of cheese*

Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): *Laying down the remainder, Memphis rises slowly and straightens his jacket*

Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): *Then, living up to part of his name, he walks on. Perhaps he'll visit the woods today. The city alone can be disheartening.*

Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): *and he is gone*

: later, a scruffy mutt comes by, one with a surprisingly intelligent look in her eyes. Most would assume she's a dog at first or even second glance, but there is definitely a wolfen cast to her

: waggling low, she stealths towards the cheese left on the barrel, and vanishes behind it.

Five Fanged Discount (gnawer of bones, rager of bashes): a moment later, a head pops out, snatches some the cheese left behind, and then vanishes behind the barrel again

Five Fanged Discount (gnawer of bones, rager of bashes): there is a lady like munching...burrrp, well, mostly lady like munching sound

Five Fanged Discount (gnawer of bones, rager of bashes): Yes, that was delicious, all the more so if she can tell herself she took it by cleverness. Yes, things taste better that way.

Five Fanged Discount (gnawer of bones, rager of bashes): Slow waggle of stealth, and she oozes out towards the other piece of cheese, but no, perhaps it's best not to get too greedy. Too fat. One must be able to run when cunning fails.

Five Fanged Discount (gnawer of bones, rager of bashes): Can a wolf sigh? It would appear so. Off she goes.

Five Fanged Discount (gnawer of bones, rager of bashes): perhaps to the mall, the silly apes value such strange shines there its almost an obligation to take them.

Five Fanged Discount (gnawer of bones, rager of bashes): sneak sneak zoom

David "White-Devil" Fionndamh (F/M/G/3): A fellow slightly larger that five and a half frame, seeming to be in his mid-twenties with a clean t-shirt, threadbare jeans with some minor rips and a pair of worn hiking boots and a clean shaven face with fair skin; his red hair is pulled back into a tail ((usual for picks of Steven Segal)) and has the scent of 'Irish Springs' on him. His instrument case is properly on his back as he leaves what seems to be a beat-up RV. On a table outside of & near, he leaves some foil wrapped food stuffs (sandwiches & wraps that will not spoil easy) for others before heading towards the city for some busking.

: Sounds of howling

: And finally someone calling out 'shaddup!'

: -------

: *Rats scuttle along the gate and vanish*

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The Streets of Necropolis (0)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.

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