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When the Kindred enters the bar, the first thing that strikes them is the enormity of the main room; as well as the dark and mysterious atmosphere due primarily to the dimness of the lighting. Out of all the booths situated around the club, only one has a small candle on the table. It is located off to one side and more or less apart from the other... secluded; although from that vantage point, the entire room can be viewed. This is the booth that the owner occupies and is reserved for her and those who join her. (This Room is for Camarilla Kindred Only)

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Thomas Wright: He speaks again a moment later. "Being here makes me feel....nostalgic. I understand what you mean now about respecting what came before. Thank you for making me come here. Tell Simon I owe him an apology too, when I get home. See you when I get back." He hangs up and sits at the bar, thinking.

Thomas Wright: He sighs. "Even if I bought this place and tried to get it running again, the old magic would be gone. Best to remember it for what it was." He stands and walks to the door. He turns back for a brief last look, then does something impulsive - he takes out a marker and on the wall writes 'MISSING OLD FRIENDS - CONTACT ME' and then writes an email address down. He puts the pen away and looks at the room one more time, and then leaves. One small red tear escapes his eye as he leaves, remembering the good times from before.

: Are you looking for anyone in particular Thomas-p? A few players are scattered about still!

Bippy the Salubri: "Still standing, you Tremere muthasuckers!"

: --------

Fred "Fox" Kendall: *Copper haired with a streak of white in his hair, it's obvious why Fox has his nickname. He has a somewhat vulpine cast to his face, sleek and pretty good looking, but the body build is well muscled, if still lean. Tonight he's dressed in a black jacket over a red muscle shirt. The chill of the night doesn't bother him apparently. His jeans are meant for traveling, as are the sturdy boots.*

Fred "Fox" Kendall: *He enters into the club from the night*

Fred "Fox" Kendall: "Wow, this place is deader than shadows, and that's saying a lot."

Fred "Fox" Kendall: *Fred checks a watch, a sign of his true age but most would assume it's just an out of date affection*

Fred "Fox" Kendall: "Not sure if she's going to show."

Fred "Fox" Kendall: *After a few minutes* "C'mon."

Fred "Fox" Kendall: *Finally, he realizes* "I've been stood up."

Fred "Fox" Kendall: *A scowl, and a mutter* "Fucking artistes."

Fred "Fox" Kendall: *Departing, Fox makes his way towards the streets. He prefers his meals fresh*

Fred "Fox" Kendall: *GONE*

: This is Thomas-p. I'd be willing to get this going again. contact me @

: Thomas P, there's an Eshu named Murphy in The changeling room sometime. He and I thought of getting a cam game going but i got swamped and had to cut out early...which I feel bad about. BUT if you see him around in Firnost, you might want to send him an OOC PM and see if he's still wanting. Our own idea is that the new Malk prince was very laize faire but whatever you guys work out. Have fun

: Thomas-P here. I would be open to this. Please pass along my email address.

: *peeks*

Luc de Boiar: *Shadows deep, the dim light making the interior almost black and white. Dusty, old. Striking green eyes, wolf like. Just a peek, just a look, then gone*

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The Streets of Necropolis (2)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.
Fallen Angels Second Floor (0)
The second floor is divided into two sections... one section has all the latest in arcade and electronic tabletop games. The other side of the floor has several pool tables, lined up so as to not deter players from taking their shots;Êas well as several poker tables off to one corner. The room is divided by several archways but no doors. Bar staff are on hand to ferry drink orders back and forth from the main floor to the second floor.
The Fallen Angel's Back Offices (0)
These rooms are where the business of the Kindred can be handled out side of the prying eyes of the general clientle of the Fallen Angels. Keys are handed out to anyone who requests on efrom the bartender.

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